Dan – Concept

Dan is a native Chicagoan/Honorary San Diegan currently living in Paris, France.  He has worked at a sign shop in Elk Grove Village, IL where he started his affair with vector art.  He also picked up the skill of selling vinyl signs while playing golf with his sales manager.  After sign work he moved on to IT work with a couple of companies in Illinois and then moved to San Diego in 1999 where he continued his IT work until 2001 when he began his work as an email marketing consultant (not spam, for those that can’t tell the difference).  He LOVES music so this is a fitting app for him to create.  Often finding himself at a loss for what music to actually queue up on his iPod he created this app and the rest is history, hopefully a break-even history.


Olivia – Consultant

Olivia's true profession is as a stellar English teacher.  Though she has many talents, one of which is to pitch new exciting things to do in Paris.  Some would say that the 4Tune Teller exists because Olivia encouraged Dan to take the chance in creating it.  She's a kid at heart and that's been the driving force behind her ideas for this app and others to follow.

What was my motivation to create the 4Tune Teller app?

I often wish most inanimate objects would just play music spontaneously. My toaster would start busting out “Too Hot to Stop” by The Bar-Kays or a box of band-aids would play “Scar Tissue” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers every time I opened the lid. My wish also worked with the classic origami toy we all know, and love, called the “fortune teller” (known by many other names worldwide). I envisioned it would play the appropriate background music for the fortune it just gave me. In most hopeful scenarios the song would be something like “Love Song” by The Cure and for less hopeful results the song “Love Bites” by Def Leppard. I’ve always hung on to that idea and now I’ve brought it to life, minus the paper.