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Going back as far as 2000 I’ve been doing a music newsletter highlighting independent (and some mainstream) music from around the world.  It started out with Socialjunkie Music where I organized a couple of charity music shows dubbed Socialjunkie Musicfests (links to 2001 lineup and 2002 lineup) at the legendary Casbah in San Diego.  Those events helped turn my newsletters into a more branded newsletter called Local Music Scoop (one of the earliest examples from Nov ’02, before they improved in looks, can be found here).  I did this newsletter into the Fall of ’05 while I was also doing another newsletter called’s Wednesday Music Dose (an early edition from Aug. ’05 here).  I did that version of the WMD into late 2008.  I took a break to concentrate on my main work and the launching of the 4Tune Teller app allowed me to bring the Wednesday Music Dose back to support the 4Tune Teller app and bring more focus on music from all angles.  So here we are…a more packed version to-date of the Wednesday Music Dose.  Enjoy !

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