What does it all mean?

Playlist Size

Set your playlist max size from 1 to 500 songs. This is the max amount of songs that the Teller will display given your choices.

Free Music Download

Every one to two months depending on the popularity of the current download song we’ll provide one song from one of our favorite local musical acts or an artist from an independent record label. You can initiate the download from three different places in the app. Note: You’ll need to provide your email address for each download and that email will only be used by 4Tune Teller and each artist or business/record label that sponsored the download. You can unsubscribe at any time from any of these emails…no offense will be taken.

Always Save Last Combo

Just so you don’t forget to save the playlist for each combination of search criteria we’ve added this convenient option for you. Personally, when the Teller creates a playlist for me that consists of Song | 3-Word Song Name | Over 10 Play Counts choices….I don’t want to forget to save that playlist.

Featuring Keywords

This was a little more complex to figure out. It searches for the text “feat” or “featuring” in the Song title or Artist name, depending on which category you encounter it under. Then we search for all the keywords you entered under this under Settings. This is most common in rap, hip-hop, and country entries but we feel that had Beethoven collaborated with Mozart he would have gladly put “featuring Mozart” if he could have but royalties and writer credits didn’t exist then.

Keywords (with, without)

Ah, a key to opening the real fun. Here, you will enter words to exclude or include in your search of song titles or artist names. For example, you will see it as an option in your Teller as “with “fun”” or something like “without “bears”” (if bears happen to freak you out). This is especially useful if you think you just met your soulmate and want to hear words with “love” in them.

Saved Playlists

This is where you will find all the saved playlists you chose to save for later listening.

“i” button on the Settings page

Ok, maybe it’s not a feature but this is where we get to brag about who had a hand in all this. And also where we list all the social media sites we setup because that’s the thing to do. Trust me, bragging is over-rated but lots of hours went into this app so a little nod to all parties involved can’t hurt.

Settings page

Scrolling message at the top of the is just for me…a place to say thank you again, offer a special, link to the free download again, or whatever. But pressing on that space will take you to the free download space.