Featured Song – Red Fang (Metal) – ‘Prehistoric Dog’

Red Fang video

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Red Fang

“Prehistoric Dog”

It takes just a few seconds before this song’s intro quickly turns to an all-instrument, guns-blazing blast of energy. The force you would hear from Wolfmother mixed with a Rob Zombie / Layne Staley growl. All instruments are front and center while the vocals are purposefully layered like an angry dog behind an electric fence. I found them during my continued obsession with their labelmates Baroness. I f’in love this band. They’re in the NZ/AU part of the world right now but hit Europe in June. Go see them. They found a grand recipe of fun videos with their balls out hardrock/metal and the live shows look fun too. Until Tool comes out with their new album they are sharing my top spot with Baroness.

Website can be found at redfang.net