Featured Music May 2015 – Little Dove (Gritty Rock from Hollywood)

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Little Dove

“Into the Ground”

It hooks you right away with the thump and you think that’s what will take you home and it does. Vocals move you along nicely but if you think that’s all you’ll get from Vanja, you’re mistaken. Her voice becomes such a growing force and becomes a grand part of the thump and anthem. It’s an emotional song you need sing out loud. I’m out of breath just listening to it.

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Featured Music May 2015 – Red Fang (Metal)

Red Fang video

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Red Fang

“Prehistoric Dog”

It takes just a few seconds before this song’s intro quickly turns to an all-instrument, guns-blazing blast of energy. The force you would hear from Wolfmother mixed with a Rob Zombie / Layne Staley growl. All instruments are front and center while the vocals are purposefully layered like an angry dog behind an electric fence. I found them during my continued obsession with their labelmates Baroness. I f’in love this band. They’re in the NZ/AU part of the world right now but hit Europe in June. Go see them. They found a grand recipe of fun videos with their balls out hardrock/metal and the live shows look fun too. Until Tool comes out with their new album they are sharing my top spot with Baroness.

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Featured Music January 2015

Rock n Roll HoodieThe Gods of Science

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"Quo Vadis?" & "Staycation"

New music from one of my favorite musicians (GVB) is cause for a celebration. That's why you get two songs. I'm double dosing it. Be advised that all the songs on their new album "It Gets Worse" will keep your energy up. 'Quo Vadis?' jumps right in like a fast moving QOTSA song and then makes some rhythm changes that are quite satisfying and very much GVB's signature. And I love the harmonizing vocals at just the right spots. 'Staycation' is an air bass dream…it's heavy and deep. GoS is everything I had hoped they'd be. Thanks to G for loading these two songs on Bandcamp so all of you can hear these songs. And wait until you hear how this line is delivered…"You may wear your 40K like a rich man’s ransom when you’re talking, but there’s alligator skin on the 18th floor, and you can feel it on your back when they’re walking." Their album release party is at the Soda Bar in San Diego on January 31st.

Fête de la Musique avec punch !

Rock n Roll HoodieIt’s an exciting day today…the last Fête de la Musique in Paris before kids. Not that kids will damper my love for music but we all know it’s not convenient to go see live music with kids for a few years unless it’s in the park. And even then, I’m not sure we’d be spending a day in the heat at Coachella. However, the acceptable age is probably younger in France because they make adjustments to their thinking on how much the baby will hinder them in their social plans.

Tell me what you’re doing today? I’m going to “Girls Kill Summer” at Auberge de la Butte in the 13th of Paris at 8 rue de la Butte Aux Cailles. Come join me.