What is the 4Tune Teller?

4Tune Teller is a mobile app that adds fun to selecting music for a playlist using the familiar selection process of the origami toy. Think of it as a more entertaining shuffle. And after selecting a few choices the player presents you with your playlist fortune. In a nutshell here's how that selection process goes.

  • You choose SONG, GENRE, ARTIST, or KEYWORD and your answer will determine the choices you are presented with next.
  • Then you make your second choice from four options that are based from your previous choice. For example: If your first choice was ARTIST then you'll be presented with four options for your second choice such as "Starts with J", "3-word artist names", "1-word artist names", and 'Without "love"'. Let's say you choose "1-word artist names", you'll then have a option to hit PLAY and a playlist with "ARTISTS with 1-word in their name" will be created or you can go on to a third choice.
  • On your third, and final, choice you really get to dive into your music library with four more choices like "w/ 60 mins. of music", Artist w/ 100 plays total, Not-rated, "with Featuring in Name". Let's say you choose "w/ 60 mins. of music", then a playlist of ARTISTs with 1-word in their name that have 60 minutes of music in your music library will automatically be displayed (without having to hit Play).

Your playlist will include up to as many songs as you set for the playlist size under the Settings page and that also fits the criteria set by your choices.  It will also include a maximum of 5 recommended songs you can click on to preview and buy in iTunes.  As an added bonus we'll provide a free Music Download sponsored by an individual artist/band, record label, or business that has a relationship with an artist or band. The link to receive the download is accessible from the Settings page or at the top of the animated 4Tune Teller via the Download button. To receive the download each user of the 4Tune Teller will need to provide their email address so that an email can be sent with a link to download the file.

The current free download available by signing up within the app is from a Chicago band Black 4. A hard-rocking Chicago band with a strong punch of vocals and instrument weapons. You can view their info on our Current Download Artist page.

And my motivation for creating this app??

I often wish most inanimate objects would just play music spontaneously. My toaster would start busting out "Too Hot to Stop" by The Bar-Kays or a box of band-aids would play "Scar Tissue" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers every time I opened the lid. My wish also worked with the classic origami toy we all know, and love, called the "fortune teller" (known by many other names worldwide). I envisioned it would play the appropriate background music for the fortune it just gave me. In most hopeful scenarios the song would be something like "Love Song" by The Cure and for less hopeful results the song "Love Bites" by Def Leppard. I've always hung on to that idea and now I've brought it to life, minus the paper.


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